Company Overview

4G Partners Brings Value through its Extensive History in Wireless Telecommunications

  • Numerous Executive Management roles in several of the leading US and international wireless carriers.
  • Leading roles in diverse wireless license tender offers and auctions.
  • Executive level strategic planning responsibility to develop technology, drive acquisitions, deploy footprint, define industry leading products and bring new generations of wireless capabilities to millions of people.
  • Business planning and corporate development activities associated with significant green-field start ups and acquisition targets in North America, Europe, Asia and South America.
  • Design, deployment and operation of extensive wireless network footprints around the world.
  • Market development activities in leading wireless companies and the acquisition of tens of millions of customers.

Why Select 4G Partners?


4G partners is much more specialized in the wireless telecommunications space than any of the large consulting firms. It is our only practice. From Day 1 we offer better return for consulting dollars spent.

Depth and Breadth

4G Partners has deeper sector knowledge and experience than other boutique firms. Through our Associates and strategic Partner, Innovis, we have access to over 300 telecommunications specialists, allowing us to provide a comprehensive suite of client services.

Senior People

Clients are guaranteed experienced people from the wireless industry commensurate with the project requirements.

Executive Leadership

The Founders and Principals at 4G have had extensive executive management P&L responsibility. We know how critical the execution of your business is and provide hands on presence and guidance to meet client needs.

Strategic to Tactical Services

Services range from mission critical business planning and deployment to tactical feet on the street. We serve a small number of clients simultaneously. Our mission is to support each as if it were our own company.

Flexible Working Relationship

4G Partners “adapts and embeds” as required to meet client needs. We adapt to the client environment to become an extension of the client’s workforce. This could take the form of providing on site teams that train client personnel and set up tools and processes or we can provide turn-key managed services on-site and remotely.

High Return Outsourcing

Bottom line, we provide high value return to the client. Our highly skilled team members, from the wireless industry, help clients meet challenging deadlines and milestones.

Company Experience

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