Affiliate Companies

Teocalli PartnersAnalyze domestic and international opportunities to define, develop, design, and deploy new Wireless Companies and the associated networks and infrastructure.  Visit Teocalli Partners LLC on the web at

Innovis Telecom ServicesInnovis Telecom Services (P) Ltd was founded by S.K. Acharya and Kapil Sharma, Innovis is one of the fastest growing providers of telecom networking services. With blue chip customers like Ericsson, Nokia Siemens Networks, Huawei, Alcatel Lucent, AirTel, Axis Indonesia, MGear, Andrew Wireless, Viom Networks etc., Innovis is poised to be a major participant in the upcoming 3G and Broadband Wireless Access network build-outs. For more information, visit Innovis on the web at

Baseline Telecom, Inc. is a private consulting company focused on radio spectrum and wireless program management.  Projects have included turn-key auction management and designing and executing complex spectrum strategies. Since October 2004 the Baseline Telecom team has been an integral part of the 800 MHz Transition Administrator. Baseline has direct responsibility for overseeing the transition to new frequencies of thousands of FCC licensees and land mobile systems operating hundreds of thousands of 800 MHz frequencies and is an integral participant in project leadership.

Meyer & Associates is a management consulting firm specializing in corporate strategy, development, and finance throughout the lifecycle of the firm: start-up, mature, reorganization. They help their clients make and implement value-creating decisions including corporate and business unit strategy, operational improvement planning, acquisitions, joint ventures, financing, and business and organizational restructuring. We provide an objective view, special expertise which may not be resident in-house, resources for critical projects, and interim management services.

For over twenty years, the Brode Group has successfully delivered the strategic deal architecture that has turned solid business ideas into financial reality. Since 1990, Brode has structured over $11 billion in private equity funding for both companies and entrepreneurs worldwide.

myZenPlanet  is an integrated services development company for leading subscriber device platforms. myZenPlanet has a rich and integrated suite of horizontal and vertical services for smart phone operating systems. Our customers range from mobile device manufacturers to mobile carriers. We have a complete suite of technical specialties in-house, including Android competence center and Web Runtime execution environment.