4G Partners LLC

4G Partners LLC

4G Partners is an advisory firm that specializes in wireless telecommunications. All our members are former telecom executives who have been extensively involved in building international wireless companies. Our practice focuses on the following areas:

  • Provide advisory services to Mobile Carriers and other Companies in the wireless ecosystem to support realization of their business initiatives.
  • Support optimization of existing Wireless Businesses through expert modeling, management expertise and process re-engineering.
  • Analyze domestic and international opportunities to define, develop, design, and deploy new Wireless Companies and the associated networks and infrastructure.


4G Founders Jeff Clark and Clint Cooper

“4G Partners services range from mission critical business planning and deployment to tactical feet on the street. We serve a small number of clients simultaneously. Our mission is to support each as if it were our own company.”
-Jeff Clark, Co-Founder.

“We have a great team of long time colleagues with incredible experience and we have a very flexible working style. 4G Partners “adapts and embeds” as required to meet client needs. Working on site we adapt to the client environment to become an extension of the client’s workforce.”
Clint Cooper, Co-Founder